19 Reasons Why Your Girls Are Your Soulmates.

Forget boys. Carrie Bradshaw really did get it right when she said your girls are your soulmates. Here’s why:

  1. They’ve been there. Through everything.
  2. You have so many crazy stories and inside jokes that make no sense (and can’t be explained) to anyone else.
  3. You have, on at least one occasion, pretended to be their girlfriend so a creep at the bar will leave them alone.
  4. They know what to say and when to say it. Even if you don’t want to hear it, and especially when you don’t want to hear it.
  5. Getting drunk together and crying because you love each other so much is totally normal (and acceptable) after 74911294 cocktails.
  6. You can have intense heart-to-hearts at 1am or 1pm and they always give you the best advice.
  7. It doesn’t matter how often you catch up, it’s like you’ve never been apart.
  8. They get the first text on Valentine’s Day and Christmas morning. Without fail.
  9. They’ve held your hair back after one too many glasses of vino at least once…
  10. …And you’ve gladly returned the favour.
  11. They’ve been there through all the “big” milestones in life.
  12. Your group WhatsApp consists of a) Timehop posts saying “OMG can you believe this was X years ago, b) memes that could have been written for your group, or c) screenshots from Facebook saying “can you believe so-and-so just got engaged / married / had a baby…”
  13. You’re always the first to like their new selfie on Instagram. Gotta give a gal some love!
  14. You have a “side” that you need to stand on when taking pictures and have totally perfected your snaps together.
  15. A quick catch-up over coffee can last all day and you never run out of things to talk about.
  16. Those stories you’ve re-lived a million times never get old and are always funny. 
  17. You can just give them a look and they know exactly what you’re thinking. 
  18. You’ve laughed till you’ve cried and cried till you’ve laughed. 
  19. Sistas before mistas. Duh.

Why It’s Okay to Feel Lost in Your Twenties.

I first wrote this blog for Boohoo’s StyleFix.

Forget all those teenage hormones flying around, hitting your twenties is when things get hella complicated.

Whether it’s a break-up, finding your dream job or flying the nest for the first time, you might have found yourself desperately searching for the instruction manual – or at the very least a map – to show you how the heck you’re meant to navigate this decade.

But I’m here to tell you – hey, it’s okay to feel lost in your twenties.

Spoiler alert: NONE of us have got our sh*t together. NONE of us know what we’re doing or where we’re going and ALL of us ask “WTF?!” on a daily basis.

When I hit my mid-twenties, I finally understood what Britney meant when she sang “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman.” Sure I own my own house, have a good job and do all my own laundry…but I’m in no way a grown up. I still ring Mum to ask her how to get tea stains off the sofa and I still find myself dreaming of what I want to do when I’m a big girl.

And guess what? So do all my other twenty-something friends…

It’s okay to not know what job you want to do forever.

It’s okay to make mistakes (putting a red top in a white wash…happens to the best of us).

It’s okay to Google how to boil an egg.

It’s okay to not really know what you’re doing or where you’re going.

It’s okay to feel like a teenager one minute and an adult the next.
It’s okay to feel like you’re still finding your way in life.

‘Coz you are. Feeling lost is part and parcel of navigating your twenties. ‘Coz if you were never lost, how can you find yourself? And how can you come out the other side a bigger, better, stronger woman?

It’s okay that things don’t go to plan.

It’s okay to ask questions.

Where do you want to live? Work? Who’s the woman you want to be? Why do you suddenly have to make all these decisions? When did you get put in charge? N.B. it doesn’t help that all your relatives tell you they were married with children at “your age”. C’mon guys – those comments only ADD to our confusion.

It’s okay to have a love/hate relationship with social media.

One glance at Twitter or Instagram is enough to leave any lost twenty-something feeling like the only girl her age who doesn’t have her shit together. But, that’s okay. Those girls on Twitter and Instagram? It’s all an act.

Just like your awkward teenage years passed, so do your years spent feeling lost. You’ll come out with some serious sass and amazing stories from those years and they’ll all be worth it. If you don’t feel lost, you can’t find your way.

So don’t sweat if you feel a little lost. We all do.

No road-trip is fun if you follow the map, so rip it up and make up your own path. You’ll enjoy the drive a lot more.


My 2017 Goals.

Okay so I know we’re already nearly half way through February (I mean seriously, WHEN did that happen?!), but I thought it would make sense to christen my blog with a post all about my goals and aims for the next 11 or so months.

I’m seriously excited about 2017. There are some amazing things happening and I’ve got something big planned for every month until November. It’s going to be mad busy (and expensive) but I can’t wait to see what’s 2017 has in store for me.

On to my goals for this year then…

1. Travel

This year, I want to travel. And travel to places I’ve never been to before. I’ve already got two trips to two new places planned for a couple of Hen Weekends but I really want to book in at least one other trip. Dubrovnik is high on my list as it New York but with the crazy year I’ve got planned, NYC may have to wait *sobs*.

2. Mind-Set

My boyfriend, James, will be the first to tell you that I am THE most stressy, highly-strung person in the world. I’m a huge worrier and always sweat the small stuff. This year, I want to take more time to step back and focus on my mind set. It’s time to stop finding things to stress over, and just enjoy the exciting things this year has to offer.

3. Switch Off

I work as a Social Media Manager so spend all day on Facebook. I then come home and scroll through Twitter and Instagram ALL night. A huge goal for this year is to switch off – literally – in the evenings. After dinner, put our phones away and curl up with a film (or Pokemon which we’re currently binge watching on Netflix – sorry not sorry). This is something that I think will definitely help with mind set too.

4. Friendships

When you hit a certain age (hello, Grandma), it can be so hard to maintain your relationships. The girls you spent your uni days with are now, like you, high-flying career women who’re loved up and own their own homes. I’m super proud of all my friends, but this year I want to make more time for them. Life and jobs get in the way sometimes, but I want to dedicate plenty of time to my girls.

5. Live!

This year we have seven weddings to go to and a whole load of other amazing things in the pipeline. My main goal for 2017 is just to enjoy every. single. second. I want to take make some amazing memories and look back on this year as the best one ever.

Those are my goals for this year. What are yours?

Clare x



As I type this, I’m currently sipping a lukewarm mocha on a train to London for a work event. Some of the team missed the train (thanks for always being on time, London Midland) so I’m flying solo.

The train WiFi is pants so all my grand plans of spending the two hour trip from Birmingham to London to get some work done is out the window. Plus, I used all my WiFi quota to set up that blog I’ve been meaning to set up forever. Oops.

Why a blog? Why now?

Well if I’m honest, it’s because I love writing. And I love shopping. So why not use this little space on the Internet to share my love of both, with (hopefully) some people who share my interests.

And also because my friend Amy has been on at me forever to start a blog. So here I am Amy!

Who am I?

I’m Clare. A 26-year-old Social Media Manager from Birmingham. I live with my boyfriend and our cat. I have a slight – okay huge – ASOS shopping problem, and spend more time than is probably normal looking at trips to New York and not booking them.

This is my blog where I can’t promise I’ll write anything that’ll change the world. In fact, I can’t promise I’ll write all that often. But let’s see what happens shall we?