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Five Healthy Habits To Include In Your Week.

I’d like to think that I’m *quite* a healthy person.

I work out 5/6 times a week, eat pretty well, drink water and ya know, do all the stuff they tell you to do to stay “healthy”.

That doesn’t mean though, that I’m good all the time.

I find it really hard to say no to chocolate, love going out for food and am a real carb Queen.

For me, it’s all about trying to find a balance. Making small additions to my daily and weekly routines in order to keep as healthy as I can.

If, like me, you’re trying to stay on the wagon without only ever eating kale, here are five healthy habits to include in your week:

1. Move Every Day (Even Just a Bit!)

If like me your job involves a whole lot of sitting around (and then you do a whole lot more sitting around in the evenings!), you’ll probably have noticed how easy it is for those pounds to creep on.

I try and do *some* form of exercise everyday. I actually really enjoy gym classes so for me it’s not that difficult but I know not everyone feels the same.

Whether that’s a gym class in the evening, a walk on my lunch break, taking the stairs instead of the lift…just doing *something* that’s even just a little bit active is a great start.

2. Drink Up!

Is it just me that finds drinking 2 litres of water a day HARD?! I mean, it’s bad enough trying to fit that much water into my stomach, and don’t get me started on how much you need to pee…

Even so, as much of a cliche as it is, drinking more water is a really easy healthy habit to add to your week.

There *are* apps you can use to remind you to drink, but I prefer to keep a huge cup on my desk and make sure I drink at least 2 of those at work plus what I have at home and when working out.

3. Switch Up Your Snacks

Once it gets to 10:30/11am, I’m on the hunt for a snack to fill the void ’till lunch. And while I’d much rather a bar of Dairy Milk over a Nakd bar, it’s a healthy habit I’ve got into.

There’s nothing worse that starving yourself and being miserable so snacks are a must, but there are loads of ways you can switch them up and keep on track to being healthy.

I recently wrote an article for’s Style Fix where I talked about some of my favourite healthy snacks. Have a peek if you like!

4. Perfect Some Healthy Meals

Confession time: my boyfriend does 90% of the cooking at home. But we’ve got about 8/9 core, healthy meals we rotate between.

It just makes it super easy in the evenings when we’re both tried from work to ha e some quick, easy and healthy meals.

From paella & quesadillas to one-pot casseroles packed with veg, we make sure to eat tasty – but healthy dinners MOST nights.

5. Enjoy Treats!

The biggest healthy habit to include into your weekly routine is enjoying treats. I try to be good 80% of the time and have a treat or cheat meal the other 20%.

As soon as I ban myself from having something, I crave it and am more likely to binge…and then guilt-trip myself.

It’s a cliche, but it’s all about balance!

What healthy habits do you include in your daily and weekly routine?