21 Things I Learned at 26.

This week I turn 27, which I’ve got to be honest is bloody weird. WHEN did that happen please?!

And with my birthday looming, I thought I’d put together a list of a few things I learned over the last 12 months:

  1. If something’s not making you happy, it’s not worth it. Life is too short!
  2. The people who’re always there for you are the ones that matter. 
  3. Coffee is *very* necessary. 
  4. Nights in can be just as fun as nights out. 
  5. Investing in a proper skincare routine isn’t over-rated and is 100% worth it. 
  6. Your friends all start to get engaged and everyone will ask when it’s your turn. Cue lots of eye rolling!
  7. But you’ll have the *best* time helping them plan and enjoying their Big Day. 
  8. It’s not a bad thing to cut toxic people out of your life.
  9. Nothing beats freshly washed bed sheets and clean pyjamas on a Sunday night. 
  10. It’s good to budget and save like an “adult”…
  11. But the ASOS addiction is real. Sorry not sorry. 
  12. Eating right and moving more does wonders for your mental health. 
  13. Carbs however, will ALWAYS be the answer. 
  14. Sometimes you just need a bar of chocolate and a good cry. 
  15. You *can* and *should* say “yes” more and push yourself out of your comfort zone. 
  16. There’s nothing better than putting the world to rights over a bottle or 3 of prosecco with your BFFs. 
  17. You’ll have friends who you can only see once in a while, but it’s like you e never been apart. 
  18. Early nights are underrated. 
  19. As are home cooked meals, perfect cups of tea, and lazy sofa days. 
  20. Some days you feel like a sassy girl boss and other days you want to do nothing. It’s all about balance. 
  21. Life doesn’t always go the way you thought it would, but that’s okay.