19 Things All Short Girls Can Relate to.

Standing at an impressive 5″1, I’m hardly what you can call tall. And – don’t get me wrong, I love being on the small side – but it definitely comes with a few things that I’m *sure* my fellow petite ladies will be able to relate to. So hey there fellow short gals, this one if for you…

  1. Your jeans are always at least 2 inches too long. Even when you wear petite.
  2. But cute dresses / shorts / skirts that are bum-bearing on everyone else fit you like a dream.
  3. Speaking of clothes, you struggle to find any decent petite brands that actually do nice stuff.
  4. Reaching things in kitchen cupboards is a mammoth task.
  5. People in the office will purposely put your mug *just* out of reach to watch you struggle.
  6. In fact, you spend most of your time on your tip-toes trying to reach things.
  7. Heels – even small ones – are pretty much the only shoes you’ll put on your feet. Gal’s gotta look a little bit taller than she is, am I right?!
  8. Cuddles with tall boyfriends are the best thing ever. Especially when you fit nicely under their chin. It’s all safe and snug there!
  9. Said tall boyfriend will have used your head as an arm rest on at least one occasion.
  10. When you take photos with all your normal height / tall friends you look *even* smaller than you are.
  11. You can only see the top of your head in bathroom mirrors.
  12. Curling into a ball in bed or on the sofa is hella easy when you have short legs.
  13. But there have been occasions when you’ve sat on a sofa on your feet haven’t touched the floor.
  14. There’s literally no way you can climb into a bar stool and look sexy. You look like you’re scaling Everest.
  15. People like to point out that you’re short. All. The. Time.
  16. You get ID’ed a lot. But that’s defo a plus when you’re mid-twenties!
  17. Chances are, short legs come with small feet. Which means lots of sale bargains!
  18. You’ll have perfected the art of standing on your tip toes in photos to make your legs look longer.
  19. People have told you short gals can’t wear maxi skirts. Which is rubbish. You *can* pull off that maxi!

Short ladies, unite!

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