Let’s Talk: Feeling Overwhelmed.

2017 has been a pretty crazy year for me so far. And it’s only set to get busier.

While I’m really excited for all of the things going on this year, I’ve recently found myself feeling pretty overwhelmed my how full my diary is.

Don’t get me wrong, everything coming up is really exciting and I’m really looking forward to everything. But that hasn’t stopped me from feeling mentally exhausted just looking at my diary.

It’s hard to explain how and why I’m feeling the way I am.

But it’s a sense of “OMG I need an evening or a weekend to sit and do nothing”, yet when I do have a few hours to do just that, I’m anxious not to waste that time and feel like I need to do something.

And with work being busier than ever since taking on more responsibility, I feel like i’m constantly “on”. Like I can’t switch off. And part of me isn’t sure I want to switch off, which I know isn’t the healthiest thing either.

I know that this is a real “first world problem” but I can’t be the only person feeling like this.

It can’t be just me that’s craving a full diary and an empty one at the same that.

That wants to excel at work but also stay at home under the covers for a few days.

That can’t switch off, but feels overwhelmed by pretty much everything.

Maybe it’s my impending 27th birthday that’s sending me a bit crazy. That turning 27 means I’m officially in my late twenties and should be an actual adult now.

I mean, sure I own my own house with my boyfriend of eight-and-a-bit years, have a good job, new car… but I’m not sure I feel that much of an adult sometimes. It feels like I should have achieved more by 27, though what I’m not quite sure.

So to combat this feeling of “I want to do everything and nothing all at once”, I’m going to start making an effort to switch off.

My phone is going away, I’m popping on a face-mask and curling up with a brew and boyfriend-cat cuddles to see if I can finally make this overactive brain of mine chill the eff out – even for a little while.

I guess the point of this post was to a) brain dump and try and feel better / make sense of my own crazy thoughts right now and b) tell you that if you’re feeling the same you’re not alone.


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