Blush Pink Crushing: SPRING EDIT.

It’s official. My obsession with all things blush pink is out of control.

I know, I know. Blush pink for spring is hardly a groundbreaking fashion choice but I can’t help myself.

It started with a few touches here and there, you know, to break up the monochrome world that is my wardrobe, and now? Pretty much everything I’ve been buying or lusting over sits somewhere withing the blush pink colour spectrum.

Here are a few of the pieces I’ve been adding to my wardrobe:

1. Boohoo Faye Loafers


Hello faux-saude, blush-pink-with-gold-hardware babies. How my feet have been longing for YOU!

I first spied some *very* similar to these on the Topshop website but didn’t fancy paying nearly £30 for them. Girl’s got a cat to feed! Fast-forward a few days and I get a cheeky little discount code from Boohoo, and a quick browse brought up these.

They’re pink and gold, tick. Faux suede, tick. And actually pretty comfy. Ding ding, we have a winner!

2. New Look Culottes


I LOVE culottes. I think they’re super flattering, can be dressed up or down, and hide my milk-bottle legs in the early days of spring. Combine that with the fact that these cuties are a) blush pink and b) elasticated around the waist, well, let’s just say they went into my basket pretty sharpish.

They’re a lovely, soft material and feel a lot more expensive than the New Look price tag. Just ignore those lovely creases, the signature of ordering something online…! SIDE NOTE: Why does EVERYTHING you order from ASOS come creased?!

3. River Island Layered Midi Skirt

Image uploaded from iOS

I spoke in my March Monthly Faves about my love of midi skirts so it was only a matter of time before I added a blush pink one to my wardrobe. This double layered, pleated, blush pink hun had been in my saved items for WEEKS and then BAM – River Island sale stated and this cutie is less than half price.

It’s chiffony, floaty, and just spring perfection. I can’t wait to team it with a white body and some cute loafers or sandals. I think it’d look super cute with a pair of heels on date night too. Winner!

This skirt’s still full price on ASOS so if you wanna snap it up, check out the RI website first!

Have you been as obsessed with blush pink as me? What other spring fashion items have you been loving?

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