32 Things All ’90’s Girls Will Remember.

  1. Saving up your pocket money so you could buy ALL the stick-on earrings from Claire’s Accessories. One for every day of the week? Get. In.
  2. The pain of clip-on earrings. Nothing, and I mean nothing, hurt like those bad boys. Ouch!
  3. Finally being old enough to get your ears pierced for real and being a little bit terrified and excited at the same time.
  4. Feeling grown up af when you tuned into Newsround each night. It was actual news, but in a way you understood. Winner! It wasn’t the same after Lizo left though…
  5. Rushing home from school but then having to wait approx. 1758279235239 years for your mom to get off the phone so you could use the internet and talk to the people you’d be talking to all day at school on MSN.
  6. Spending hours perfecting the dance routines to the Spice Girls / S Club 7 ./ Steps / 5ive. Or, even better, making up your own. You probably forced your family to watch your performances too.
  7. Always being the same Spice Girl / member of Steps during said performances. Baby Spice 4eva ❤
  8. Living for the weekend so you could watch SM:TV with Ant, Dec and Cat.
  9. Forever wishing that you could not only be in C.H.U.M.S (because those three were #friendshipgoals) but also willing Dec and Cat to get together.
  10.  Going to Woolworths to buy the latest Britney Spears album on cassette and making your dad play it in the car way home.
  11. Going to Woolworths, getting pick ‘n’ mix and filling up the bag ’till it was nearly overflowing. Hello, sugar rush.
  12. Woolworths in general. That shop had EVERYTHING and was the one place you didn’t mind being dragged when you went shopping with your parents.
  13. Going shopping at MK One and Tammy Girl and feeling like a sassy 9 year old trying on crop tops with slogans like “Sexy Chick” on…even though you had no idea what it really meant.
  14. Dreaming of the day you’d be grown up enough to finally shop in Jane Norman so you could carry your belongings around in one of their colourful bags like all the cool, older girls did.
  15. Painting your nails in 10 garish colours…and then having to take it all off again for school on Monday.
  16. Wearing all of the butterfly clips in your hair and knowing that you looked cooler than everyone else.
  17. Having a collection of scrunchies that made all the other girls in your class jealous af.
  18. Wearing a headband with your name on, you know, just in case you or anyone you were with forgot your name.
  19. In fact, you probably had a rucksack / pencil case / anything with your name on.
  20. Going on holiday and having a braid put into your hair. It was the highlight of any ’90’s girls summer holiday.
  21. Collecting all of the Beanie Babies and displaying them proudly in your bedroom. You insisted on buying one EVERY WHERE you went too ‘coz you know, some places had ones you couldn’t get anywhere else.
  22. Rocking neon pink jelly shoes all summer.
  23. Using rubbers with YES and NO written on either side to tell if your best friend fancied the boy they sat next to in school.
  24. Learning the routine to the Macarana and Saturday Night and being so excited to show off your smooth moves at the school disco.
  25. Dairylea Lunchables. The lunchbox treat of champions.
  26. Buying gel pens in every single colour and getting far too excited when the scented ones came out.
  27. Looking after your Tamagotchi like it was a real, living thing. That is, before they got banned from school.
  28. Bang on the Door anything!
  29. Pretending that you totally didn’t care about Pokemon but secretly collecting the cards, playing the games and watching the TV show.
  30. Nickelodeon in it’s heyday. Power Puff Girls, Dexter’s Lab, Johnny Bravo…all of the classics!
  31. Those weird gelly alien things that were supposed to have a baby if you put two back-to-back. SPOILER ALERT: They didn’t. In fact, they didn’t do anything.
  32. Having a lava lamp in your bedroom and them taking forever to heat up and actually look any good.




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