38 Things All Twenty-Something Women Are Guilty Of.

  1. Saying “Shall we grab a coffee?” when you don’t drink it. Tea 4 eva!
  2. Forcing ourselves to drink fancy coffees (skinny though, obvs!) just for the Instagram photo.
  3. Buying copper and rose gold everything. Yes, I DO need that copper cutlery set…
  4. Checking ASOS’s New In pages daily.
  5. Making approximately 41942857 ASOS orders a week and being on first-name terms with your delivery driver.
  6. Eating Nakd bars ’cause they totally taste like chocolate but are healthy
  7. Calling anyone younger than  you a “baby”. 19 years old? Practically still in nappies.
  8. Getting into the latest fitness fads. Bikram-spin-with-yoga-and zumba? Sure!
  9. Buying candles. All the candles.
  10. Girl crushing on Lauren Conrad and forever wishing you could cry that single mascara tear.
  11. Looking at holidays to super-exotic places but never booking them ’cause LOL that mortgage won’t pay itself.
  12. Buying and wearing ankle boots. They go with everything AND they have a “sensible” heel. I’ll take one in every colour.
  13. Feeling nostalgic about the ’90s. And then feeling old when you remember just how long ago they were!
  14. Saying “Let’s go for cocktails!”, when really you’d rather say at home with a cuppa and your cat.
  15. Facebook stalking people you went to senior school with and realising that most of them now have kids.
  16. Calling yourself a “career woman” but still not having a clue what you want to be when you grow up.
  17. Lusting over everything in Oliver Bonas. Serious home wear goals.
  18. Being just a little too mean and critical of yourself. Whether it’s ’cause you skipped the gym, or are having a bad hair day. You’re a bit meaner to yourself than you should be.
  19. Finding yourself buying “sensible” clothes, actually liking them, and wondering who you are anymoe!
  20. Deciding you want a drastic new hair cut, and then crying all the way home ’cause you hate it.
  21. Knowing EXACTLY what Britney was on about when she sang “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman”. Preach it, Spears!
  22. Having no idea what “bae” and “en fleek” mean and suddenly feeling like a granny.
  23. Suddenly finding your signature style (in fashion and makeup) after years of dressing how you thought you should.
  24. Picking on your flaws instead of embracing the things you do like.
  25. Crying at Moulin Rouge even though you’ve seen it 175197 times.
  26. Sweating the small stuff. Even though you know you shouldn’t.
  27. Getting far more excited than is acceptable when your favourite blast-from-the-past band reunites. Hello, Busted. Oh how I missed you and your songs about fancying teachers and air hostesses.
  28. Ordering a gin and slimline tonic and feeling classy AF.
  29. Taking a selfie on a good make-up day, and then asking yourself if you’re too old to be taking selfies.
  30. Spending your last £20 on a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick ‘coz who needs to do the food shop anyway?!
  31. Being super-healthy in the week but as soon as it’s Friday, yaaaas chocolate, oh how I’ve missed you.
  32. Still calling your mom when you need help with anything remotely adult.
  33. Not seeing your girlfriends as much as you’d like, but drinking all the prosecco and chatting for hours when you do.
  34. Shouting out “Not another one!” when someone ELSE on your Facebook page gets engaged. When did we get to that age?!
  35. But being secretly happy about it ‘coz it’s an excuse to buy a new dress!
  36. Checking Instagram on the sly at work and waiting for someone to tell you off.
  37. Feeling like you’re more secure in your own skin than ever before, but not really knowing what’s next…
  38. …And being bloody excited and terrified by the thought!

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