Hourglass Surreal Lighting Edit. 

Can we please just take a moment to appreciate THIS dreamy palette from Hourglass Cosmetics?!

Yep, I’ve only just picked my jaw up from the floor too. I mean, LOOK at it. Swoon. 

This baby, is the Hourglass Surreal Lighting Edit and I’m VERY pleased that I’ve finally added it to my collection. 

The Surreal Lighting Edit features five stunnin shades exclusive to the palette, all encased in THE dreamiest marble packaging. 

At £69, I couldn’t justify splurging on this – girl’s got a mortgage to pay and a cat to feed – but when I saw Space NK had £15…well the rest is history. 

This palette features:

Finishing powder in Surreal Light – If you’re after that super glowy, all over finish this powder is for you. Hello, supermodel complexion!

Bronzer in Surreal Bronze – If I only ever wear one bronzer again, I’d happily take this one. It’s smooth, buildable, and gives you that “Just back from the beach” glow. 

Blush in Surreal Glow – A mauve-toned blush swirled with highlighter…does it get much better?!

Blush in Surreal Effect – Yup. I love this one too. Again, this blush is swirled with the palettes highlighter and would look amazing on all skin tones. 

Strobe Powder in Surreal Strobe Light – THIS. The palette is worth it for this highlighter alone. It’s THE perfect highlighter. 

Have you tried the Surreal Light palette? What other things from Hourglass do you love?

Clare x

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