7 Ways to Get Into Fitness. 

At school, I was the girl who’d ALWAYS find an excuse to get out of P.E.

I hated sports and exercise, mostly ‘coz I was rubbish at them and self-conscious from being a little chubby, and would do anything and everything to sit on the sidelines.

Even as recently as about four years ago, you’d be more likely to bump into a T-Rex in your local Tesco Express than see me in a gym.

Now though, I love fitness and working out. I go to the gym four or five times a week, and have completely changed my attitude to exercise.

I’m by no means the slimmest of girls. I get rolls when I sit down and have to breath in *really* hard to show off my half an ab, but if I can learn to love exercise – anyone can!

Here are seven ways I’ve got into fitness…

  1. Find something you love. For some people, slogging it out on the treadmill for an hour is the perfect gym session. But it’s not for everyone. And if you’re not enjoying excersice, you won’t stick at it. Whether it’s cardio, strength training or classes, find your rhythm and it’s much easier to stick to a routine.
  2. Try everything! In a quest to find my fitness mojo, I honestly think I’ve tried everything. I’ve trained and run 10km races, I’ve cringed st myself in Zumba and tied myself up in knots in yoga. If I hadn’t though, I’d of given up.
  3. Do something that challenges you. I used to jog for 20 mins on the treadmill, think that was enough, and wonder why I wasn’t seeing results. When I started doing something that challenged me – left me tomato-faced, dripping in sweat and lay on the floor – I started seeing a difference. In my body and my mind-set.
  4. Head to a class. For me, challenging myself comes in doing classes. They’re structured, the PT can correct your form, and you can compete with how well you did last time. Try one out! Plus, I promise no-one is paying you any attention. They’re all just doing their thing.
  5. Get a buddy. If fitness freaks you out, go with a friend a train together. Me & my cousin don’t train together, but we book in fun runs and push each other to train for them. Having someone hold you accountable really does help!
  6. Set goals. For me, there’s nothing more rewarding than being able to lift a little heavier, do more full press ups than last week, or sprint harder in spin. Whether you want to get in that dress, feel healthier, compete in an event or just better yourself, set goals and smash them!
  7. Get out of the gym. The gym doesn’t work for everyone and that’s okay. Try your local running club, dance class or boxing gym. Go for sunny Sunday walks, take the stairs, walk to the shop. The little things all help!

These are just some of the things that have worked for me. If love to know what works for you & what you think I should try on the gym next!

Clare x

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