16 Things You’ll Know If You’re a Cat Mom.

My name’s Clare, and I’m a crazy cat lady.

For my birthday last year, my boyfriend surprised me with the best present ever – a kitten – and out world has been turned upside down-ever since. Amber burst into our lives and my GOD I didn’t realise how much joy a little bundle of fur could bring to our lives.

She loves being little spoon under the covers at night, sleeping on my lap and chasing James’ toes and quite frankly, we’re obsessed with her. Seriously, my Instagram (@clareevans if you fancy a follow!) is mainly pictures if her looking adorbs.

If you’re a Cat Mom as well, there are a few things you’ll definitely know to be true…

1. Your cat IS your baby. You’ll carry them round like a baby and have probably referred to yourself as “Mommy” on more than one occasion when talking to your cat.

2. And you DO talk to your cat. All the time. You ask her how her day was, tell her about yours, and generally act like she might reply.

3. When talking to your cat, you adopt some kind of weird voice that you never talk to anyone else in.

4. You’ll spend your evenings picking your cat up, trying to get them to sit on your lap. When they don’t, you’ll ask them why they don’t love you. When they do, you won’t move for four hours for fear of waking the sleeping angel.

5. Your bed is no longer yours. Puss will find her spot on your bed and that’s where she’ll sleep. Taking up all the room. But you don’t mind, ‘cause look how cute she is when she’s asleep!

6. Fancy a quiet evening, curled up together on the sofa? Forget it. A Cat Mom you either need to be playing with your cat, or letting her sit on your lap.

7. Those lovely shelves you put up (and spent ages dressing to take the perfect #shelfie? Your cat will jump on them. And knock your things off them. All. The. Time.

8. Your WhatsApp history with your boyfriend basically consists of pictures of you cat (even though you live together and see her every day) as well as bickering over whose turn it is to clean out the litter tray.

9. Even though you decided on the perfect name for your cat, you’ll rarely call her by it. And then wonder why she doesn’t respond when you call her name…

10. Cat bites and scratches hurt like HELL. You’ll convince yourself they’re love bites and she’s playing. But that doesn’t mean they hurt any less!

11. Lint rollers become your new best friend…but you’re still always covered in cat hair.

12. Painting your nails becomes a mammoth task. Cats love to chew nail files which makes that at-home-manicure nearly impossible.

13. It doesn’t matter that you brought a scratch post. Your cat will always prefer to scratch your sofas.

14. Lie ins? Forget them! If Puss wants breakfast at 7am on a Sunday, she’s gonna cry ‘till she gets it!

15. Are you even a Cat Mom if your Camera Roll isn’t 98% cat pics?

16. But despite the damaged sofas, lack of sleep and cat-filled Instagram account, being a Cat Mom is the best thing in the world!


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