As I type this, I’m currently sipping a lukewarm mocha on a train to London for a work event. Some of the team missed the train (thanks for always being on time, London Midland) so I’m flying solo.

The train WiFi is pants so all my grand plans of spending the two hour trip from Birmingham to London to get some work done is out the window. Plus, I used all my WiFi quota to set up that blog I’ve been meaning to set up forever. Oops.

Why a blog? Why now?

Well if I’m honest, it’s because I love writing. And I love shopping. So why not use this little space on the Internet to share my love of both, with (hopefully) some people who share my interests.

And also because my friend Amy has been on at me forever to start a blog. So here I am Amy!

Who am I?

I’m Clare. A 26-year-old Social Media Manager from Birmingham. I live with my boyfriend and our cat. I have a slight – okay huge – ASOS shopping problem, and spend more time than is probably normal looking at trips to New York and not booking them.

This is my blog where I can’t promise I’ll write anything that’ll change the world. In fact, I can’t promise I’ll write all that often. But let’s see what happens shall we?

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